//Flo a certified therapy dog is coming to school

Mrs. Fink, one of our kindergarten teachers, isn’t the only one in her family who works at Fruit Valley. Flo, a certified therapy dog will work in the kindergarten class on a daily basis. Although she isn’t being paid for her job, Flo spends her day listening to children read, making sure kids have someone to turn to when they retell stories and giving children her undivided attention and companionship. Flo, a seven year old yellow Labrador, has had lots of training (Guide Dogs for the Blind, Therapy Dogs International and Canine Good Citizen). Mrs. Fink is a responsible owner who is with Flo at all times. She is extremely conscientious about making sure children understand they need to have permission to interact with Flo, and teaches them how to work with her. If you have comments, concerns or questions about your child interacting with Flo due to allergies, fears or other reasons, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Fink or Ms. Elliott at 313-1900. Your child’s health and safety needs are
always important to us.

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