//A peek into the classroom, June 2015

Take a look at all the wonderful things going on in Fruit Valley classrooms!

Thank you so much to all the families who supported the students at the “Moosical”! The kids did a great job and had a lot of fun singing and dancing. We have finished almost all of our end-of-year assessments in reading, math and writing. The kids are definitely ready for first grade!

We have appreciated all your work to ensure that your student(s) are at school, on time, every day. We hope you have a safe and relaxing summer. Don’t forget to read, play lots of games, read some more and play outside.


Mrs. Halstead, Mrs. Fink and Flo

We are so proud of the progress the first-grade students have made this year! They have worked so hard and have learned so much. We have been busy in math, completing our fraction unit, and now have moved on to reviewing and practicing our many math strategies to make sure we are ready for second grade.

In writing, we are researching animals with a partner and learning as much as we can about our animal, including their habitat and any interesting facts about the animal we chose. We will complete the project and put it all together as a book.

Our essential question in ELA this week is “Who helps us?” and we are discussing and reading about the people in our lives who help us. We are finishing strong in our small reading groups, and it is so wonderful to see the students reading books independently.

This year has flown by, and we are looking forward to seeing our students grow as second-graders!

Have a wonderful summer!

Mr. Avery and Mrs. Richardson

What a wonderful year this has been for Ms. Winard’s first- and second-graders! Throughout the last two weeks, students have been working hard on completing their animal reports. It’s been great to hear and see how much each student is learning and their excitement when they discover a new feature of their animal.

First-graders have finished all the first-grade math units in our EnVisions curriculum. We are now reviewing concepts and working on preparing them for second-grade math.

Second-graders will be finishing up our last unit next week on time and graphing.

Remember to bring in books for the school’s book swap!

Have a great summer. I look forward to seeing everyone next year!

We continue to work on summarizing the stories we read. We are identifying the author’s purpose
for writing the story. We have also been working on sequencing (what happens first, next, then and last in a story).

In math, we have finished our measuring topic and also our time, graph and data topics.

You should be so proud of your children. They won four awards for the May assembly. They won the best cafeteria behavior, the best playground behavior, the class bringing back the most homework and we received second place (with several ties) for the best behavior in the hallway.

I hope you enjoyed the “Barnyard Moosical” performance. We had worked hard on it and the children were so excited to present it for you.

Remember, there is no homework in June. Have a nice weekend!

I have been beyond blessed to experience my first year of teaching at Fruit Valley. It has been an absolute delight to have instructed the many students in Room 8. My hope is that they have learned as much from my presence as I have from theirs.

Our field trips offered a great many chances to reflect upon and respond to questions and comments surrounding how to make the most of every opportunity. The remaining time will be dedicated to finishing strong. I have no doubt these kiddos will continue to surprise me, as they rise to said occasion.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share in their learning.

It has been a busy month in third grade with our culture research, posters, fair and the parade. Ask your student to share their poster with you, as they have learned a lot about the country that they chose to study.

In math, we are focusing on the Step Up To 4th Grade curriculum, which includes multiplication and division with two-digit numbers, fractions and the introduction of decimals.

We will continue with our small reading groups throughout the last full school days where we are able to practice our close reading within the text.

Feel free to contact me anytime at ann.corlett@vansd.org, through the Fruit Valley office or write a note and send it with your student.

Have a great summer and we will see you in the fall!

Ann Corlett

In Ms. Bruni’s room, we finished Topic 15 in math: Solving Measurement Problems. We are finishing Topic 16, which is on lines, angles and shapes. This topic focuses on line segments, rays, types of angles, adding and subtracting angle measurements and geometry.

We will continue to practice multiplication fact fluency until the end of the school year. Students should continue to practice multiplication facts at home for the rest of the school year and over summer vacation. Flashcard practice or multiplication games will be a great way to practice fact fluency.

For reading, we are reading stories that are tall tales. Our theme for reading is “What are some reasons people moved west?” A reading comprehension skill we are using is cause and effect to help us understand the sequence of story events. We are also visualizing what we read to help us understand, enjoy and remember the story.

Thank you, students, for all your hard work this year, and thank you, parents, for supporting your fourth-graders this year!

Dear fourth- and fifth-grade families,

Our 2014-2015 school year is coming to an end, and what a year it has been! I have really enjoyed my time with your students.

Although things are winding down, we still have several fun activities to look forward to. The fifth-graders are headed to Biztown on June 10 and then to OMSI on the 12th.

We invite you to come celebrate with them the morning of the 15th for their promotion to middle school.

The whole class is looking forward to our last auction on June 11.

We are still working hard to meet our end-of-year goal of 100 percent memorization of our multiplication facts! Please continue to work with your child (and even encourage some summer practice as well).

Thank you so much for supporting your student this year and making 2014-2015 such a success!

Janelle Van Damme

My Warner’s students are busy learning what it is like to be an adult as they prepare to go to JA BizTown next week. This experience will expose them to real-life situations like filling out applications for jobs, interviewing, working with others, using a checkbook and debit card and keeping a register.

We had many praying mantis eggs hatch this week!

Students are also finished with standardized testing for the year. Yay!!

We are looking for chaperones for OMSI on June 12. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Warner.

Be safe this summer and read every day.

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