//From the Family-Community Resource Center, June 2015

We are officially closed for the month of July, so please stop by and let us know if there are any additional resources you need that we might be able to help you find. Staci will be available on most Tuesdays throughout the summer break and also will check phone messages periodically.

Kindergarten Jump Start begins on Aug. 3, so there will be activity in the building at that point, but the school office doesn’t actually open until mid-August (date TBD).

We hope to make certain every student is provided with school supplies again next year, so please do not stress over the summer about what your child might need in classroom next fall. We will have everything your student needs ready for them in their new class in September and a backpack available to them at the BBQ on Aug. 31. We have some wonderful partners that make this possible.

We know that summer can be difficult for families with kids’ home and schedules turned upside down. If you are feeling overwhelmed or just disconnected during our summer closure, don’t forget to access the other fantastic resources in our community. If you need some ideas, just come by and pick our brains for what activities might be available to your family this summer.

Last but not least, if you find yourself needing extra food resources during the summer please stop by River’s Edge on Sunday mornings. They always have bread out on Sundays between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and are partnering with us to have some food bags available during that time as well.

Here are some dates for next year:

Jennifer and Staci
FV FCRC team
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