From the Family-Community Resource Center, December 4, 2015

//From the Family-Community Resource Center, December 4, 2015

Winter Break is just around the corner. This time of year we never know when snow and ice might befall us. So if you are in need of anything from our FCRC team, please come see us sooner than later. It gets really busy as we get closer to the holidays and it may appear like we are too busy. But we are not. We want to be supportive and connected to our families, so don’t hesitate to stop by and chat with us.

Movie Night is this coming Friday night, December 11th, at 5:30. We will be eating dinner together, having a fun family against family competition and watching the “Lego” movie. It’s a free event and your last chance of 2015 to hang out as a school community. It will be tons of fun, so mark your calendars!

If you are signed up for Holiday Food Basket and there has been any change in your address or phone number, please get that information to us right away or we might miss the opportunity to help you and your family. You will be receiving a phone call and/or a letter in the mail with information about your Holiday Food Basket. If you don’t hear from us by Friday, December 11th, feel free to call with any questions at 313-1904 or 313-1918.

Finally, we would encourage you to see the loveliness, the beauty and the generosity that has been granted you this year and dwell on that. Then, once seen, speak out gratefulness to those who have given you those things. Perhaps you might just bring hope and joy to those you encounter by having a spirit that shines light and warmth in an otherwise cold, dark winter.

Feliz Navidad…

Jennifer and Staci

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