//Music notes from Mrs. Ahola, June 2015

Wow! What a fantastic year we had in music. Thank you to all our kindergarten through second-grade students and staff who helped us put on a fantastic “Moosical” on Tuesday. It was so fun to see all our kids enjoying and experiencing the performing arts.

Our Fruit Valley choir also completed their performing season with a fabulous performance at the annual Vancouver Public Schools Elementary Choir Festival. We are excited to see who will come and join us next year for choir.

Our third-graders are finishing up their study of the science of sound and the fourth-graders have been learning to play the recorder and earning colored belts for each song they can play correctly. Fifth-graders also completed their final project/assessment with an original composition of their own.

Have a wonderful summer break, and while you are away, learn a new song or go to a free concert at Esther Short Park!

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