Library News from Mr. Smith

//Library News from Mr. Smith


The Month of May continues in the library with the culmination of our Poetry Connection. The bulletin board in the hallway next to the library boasts examples of both Cinquain and Haiku poetry from our 4th and 5th graders. Come and be amazed at their magnificent poems!

The Week of May 8th through the 12th we will have our Scholastic Book Fair in the library. The week culminates with our school Culture Fair Friday the 12th with food, dancing, and classroom tours showcasing all of the fantastic projects each class has done.

The bulletin board directly behind the circulation desk has a list of all of the books from other cultures we have read so far this year with a string pointing to the country, or region, of origin. We will continue comparing and contrasting the differences, and similarities, between many of the stories.

During Culture Fair week I will be introducing our students to instruments from around the world. Do you know where the mountain dulcimer comes from? How about the Balalaika, mandolin, Bodhran, or violin-harp.

As always, there is nothing better than reading a good book so try one today! Go outside of your comfort zone and try a new genre, a new author, or a new series.



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